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Dec 31 '12

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How to Temper Chocolate

Whether you’re dipping confections in chocolate, coating truffles, or making chocolates in a candy mold, you’ll need to know how to temper chocolate. Correctly tempered chocolate produces bright, crisp, and shiny chocolate. Correctly tempered chocolate produces bright, crisp, and shiny chocolate. 1. To melt and temper chocolate, you need chocolate couverture: the kind with real cocoa butter. Start […]

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Dec 25 '12

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Do You Eat Chocolate to Relieve Depression–or Does Chocolate Make You Depressed?

Scientists have long suspected that a link exists between mood and chocolate, as studies (done primarily with women) have suggested that eating a chocolate bar temporarily banished the blues. Now a study has brought new complexity to the issue with its finding that depressed people consume larger amounts of chocolate. But researchers are no closer to figuring […]

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Dec 20 '12

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America’s favorite chocolate brand? Snickers

Americans love chocolate. Apparently, Easter Week is one of the most popular times of the year to indulge. Nearly 71 million pounds of chocolate candy are sold in the week leading up to Easter, according to a 2009 Nielsen report. Second only to Halloween, more than 20 million more pounds of chocolate are sold during […]

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