Chocolate Fusion

Sep 27 '15

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Creepies, Crawlies, and Chocolate! Preparing Your Home Chocolate Fountain for Halloween

Halloween is the perfect holiday to host a creepy, crawly chocolate fountain party. Chocolate for chocolate fountain is not only delicious, but delight everyone from kids to adults. Getting into the Halloween spirit isn’t difficult with Sephra’s home fondue fountains and a little creativity! Kid-Friendly Halloween Chocolate Fountain Party Since Halloween is associated with orange and black, […]

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Mar 30 '15

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List of Chocolate Covered Foods

This is just a Small sample of things that can be covered in Chocolate Breakaway – a brand of biscuit with a chocolate coating produced by Nestlé Chocolate Bar – many varieties have a chocolate coating Caramel Apple – Although traditionally covered in just caramel or caramel and nuts, chocolate is often added, sometimes in […]

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Mar 9 '15

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Chilli & Chocolate? A Foodie’s Combination!

Combining dark chocolate and chilli dates back to the ancient Aztec civilization, who indulged in chocolate long before it was introduced to the Europeans. They often united the native cocoa bean and chilies  and this tradition is still found throughout Central and South America. Today, it is taking root among foodies who crave the sweet and savory combination of […]

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