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Mar 14 '16

Four More Reasons Not to Give Up Chocolate

One chocolate a day keeps the frown away. Chocolate is arguably one of many people’s vices that are hard to give up. In fact, even those who have decided to commit to a weight loss diet find it difficult to strike out chocolate from their diet plans that they find a way to still tuck […]

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Mar 30 '15

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List of Chocolate Covered Foods

This is just a Small sample of things that can be covered in Chocolate Breakaway – a brand of biscuit with a chocolate coating produced by Nestlé Chocolate Bar – many varieties have a chocolate coating Caramel Apple – Although traditionally covered in just caramel or caramel and nuts, chocolate is often added, sometimes in […]

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Mar 23 '15

Comments Off on Eating Dark Chocolate is Akin to Jogging, Study Finds

Eating Dark Chocolate is Akin to Jogging, Study Finds

 Wayne State University recently released the findings of a study that will surely please many dark chocolate lovers. Although scientists are continuing to discover the health benefits associated with eating moderate portions of dark chocolate on a regular basis, these findings take eating dark chocolate to a whole new level. Why Eating Dark Chocolate is Like Aerobic […]

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Jan 28 '15

Comments Off on Why is Chocolate a Gendered Food?

Why is Chocolate a Gendered Food?

Any exclamations about “craving chocolate,” we most often associate with the words of women, not men. Over the years, chocolate has become a “gendered” food, and by this I mean that it is a food most often associated with a certain gender; female, in this case. This gendering of chocolate is seen now more than […]

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