Fudge Puppy’s Station

Fudge Puppy’s Station Fudge Puppy’s Station Fudge Puppy’s Station

Amor Chocolates has won thousands of hearts with exceptional food stations and delicious dishes. Fudge Puppies are known as a traditional fair food that are in form of a toasty waffles dipped in various delights like whipped cream and nuts. The sugary and sweet combination will make your guests cheer with joy and will earn you brownie points on your hosting skills.

You can add this fund food treat to any occasion like corporate events, bar mitzvahs, church charity events, network events, appreciation days, wedding receptions, and other fun parties. Our talented chefs will entertain your guests while creating perfect Fudge Puppies and mixing them up with their adored ingredients.

We offer a full range of customization that will allow your guests to create their fudge puppies with the toppings that excite their taste buds the most.

With the availability of multiple packages, you can easily pick the right one for your event and add a dash of thrill to your event.

Our friendly event staff will ensure that every guest is served with their favorite sweet treat. Book our Fudge Puppy Station today and make your event a hit!



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