Spooktacular Chocolate Fountain Ideas for Haunted Houses

Sep 11 '15

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Spooktacular Chocolate Fountain Ideas for Haunted Houses

Halloween chocolate fountain ideasHalloween is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by hosting a spooky haunted house? And what better way to make your haunted house stand out as the tastiest fright-fest than by including a spooktacular chocolate fountain?

Here are some ideas for transforming an ordinary haunted house into a deliciously spooky Halloween event!

Create Chocolate to Dye For

Setting up a haunted house takes careful planning and preparation to make sure that guests are properly scared during their experience. An excellent way to separate your haunted house experience from others is to reward terrified guests with a haunted chocolate fountain table that continues the haunted Halloween theme, but tastes delicious. The best place to get started is to choose a spooky color to dye your chocolate.

Begin with Sephra’s white chocolate for chocolate fountains, and transform the innocent white into blood red or dark purple using Sephra’s candy color created to dye chocolate for chocolate fountains without changing the rich, buttery taste of the white chocolate. Under low lighting, blood red or dark purple will do the trick of transforming an ordinary chocolate fountain into a haunted chocolate fountain.

Serve Spooky Dipping Treats

Halloween treats Although there are many delicious dipping treats to choose from that would taste even better dipped in the decadence of Sephra’s white chocolate for chocolate fountains, choosing a spooky array of dipping treats is ideal to continue the haunted house theme. Instead of laying out a tray of cookies, create a tray of lady “fingers,” which are finger-shaped shortbread or sugar cookies with an almond sliver as the fingernail.

Chocolate bat-shaped cookies will also continue the spooky theme, but taste fabulous dipped in blood red chocolate for chocolate fountains. A skewer of cherries will also tantalize once dipped in the chocolate for chocolate fountains, but will give your guests pause before they take their first bite.

Set the Scene for a Haunted Chocolate Fountain Experience

Finally, make sure that the chocolate fountain display table continues the haunted house theme. Suspending bats from the ceiling so they brush the heads of your guests will keep them jumping, and using a black tablecloth beneath the chocolate fountain and dipping treats will help guests focus on the flow of blood-red chocolate that looks creepy but smells great.

Scatter skulls, large black spiders and spider webs among the dipping treats, so that guests will need to overcome fear to feast on delicious chocolate for chocolate fountains this Halloween!

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