Sep 19 '12

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Not all Chocolate is Created Equal

Different chocolates are made with different amounts of cocoa solids. Generally, cocoa is the most expensive ingredient, so some manufacturers will try and bulk out the chocolate with more sugar (and for milk chocolates more milk powder). The best way to tell the quality level of a chocolate is to look at the % cocoa […]

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Sep 15 '12

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Little Flourless Chocolate Cakes

Serves 2 It’s a great cake to have in your repertoire because it will work for gluten intolerant people. If you needed to make it dairy free, you could easily replace the butter with vegetable oil. In terms of sugar, I’ve used both white and brown, and either is fine. These are among those cakes […]

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Sep 13 '12

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Chocolate Isn’t Naturally Sweet

The first time I visited the place where the company I was working for made their own chocolate, was blown away by the massive blocks, about half my height, of what looked like chocolate. And then someone suggested I taste a little bit. Extremely bitter and almost nothing like the chocolate that you and I […]

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Sep 6 '12

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Why I Love … Chocolate

Growing up I was more a vanilla or caramel fan. Chocolate didn’t really do much for me, especially when it came to ice cream flavors.Over the years I did learn to enjoy the odd square here and there. But in general I was more the type of person who gets excited about the cheese course, rather than planning […]

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Sep 5 '12

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Crazy Things to Dip in Chocolate Fountain

The chocolate fondue fountain is a commonly seen centerpiece at large galas and small get-together. Fountains not only provide guests with a tasty snack, they add to the decor and sometimes act as a gathering place for conversation. If you really want to start conversations at your next event, skip the usual fountain dipping foods, such as […]

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Sep 4 '12

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Does Chocolate Go Bad?

Does Chocolate go bad? This is the question you are asking yourself after digging out a Christmas treat bag … in November of the following year. We all love chocolate gifts and the chocolate looks awfully tasty but will it make you sick if you eat it? How To Tell If Chocolate Is Bad? The […]

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