Four More Reasons Not to Give Up Chocolate

Mar 14 '16

Four More Reasons Not to Give Up Chocolate

One chocolate a day keeps the frown away.

Chocolate is arguably one of many people’s vices that are hard to give up. In fact, even those who have decided to commit to a weight loss diet find it difficult to strike out chocolate from their diet plans that they find a way to still tuck a piece into their recipes.

The good news is that chocolate is not at all bad to one’s health. To the contrary, scientists have found out a number of health benefits associated to eating the right amount of chocolate.

Here are four more reasons not to give up that chunk of chocolate sitting on the table.

1. Chocolate turns mood better.
Ever wonder why sweets, chocolate in particular, is associated with breakups? There is actually a scientific reason for this. Studies have shown that the mere smell of chocolate can slow down brain waves, resulting to a calmer mind.

It is said that the human brain is dominated by the normal waking frequency, which is also known as beta waves. When these waves slow down — become alpha waves, that is — we feel a sense of alert relaxation.
Additionally, when a person finds it pleasurable to eat chocolate, he’ll release endorphin’s every-time he takes a bite.Endorphin’s are our “happy” hormones that can relieve pain — even an emotional one.

2. Chocolate promotes a healthier heart.
Chocolate contains antioxidant compounds called flavonoids that increase the flexibility of the heart’s arteries and veins. In fact, a long-term study conducted in Germany has shown that about a square of dark chocolate can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by 39 percent. Another nine-year study in Sweden proves that one or a couple of servings of dark chocolate a week can cut the risk of heart failure by 30 percent.

3. Chocolate does not make you gain weight.
It may sound dubious, but chocolate can actually help you shred some weight. Chocolate and exercise are actually great partners. Despite it having more calories than many other foods, it can help you stay slim.
Scientists have recently found out that chocolate calories are not like the “normal” calories found in other foods. Instead of turning into stored fats, they act as metabolism triggers, which means they make your metabolism work harder than it normally would.

4. Chocolate makes you want to eat less.
Eating 100-gram of chocolate (and even the mere smell of it) can help in appetite control. A study in Netherlands shows that dark chocolate can decrease insulin resistance, thus, making you feel full even with a small amount of meal. Moreover, it can lower the level of ghrelin, the hormone responsible for increasing a person’s appetite.

Bottom Line
The next time you feel guilty of indulging yourself of that sweet-tasting chocolate bar, remind yourself of these good reasons backed up by science why you shouldn’t. So, whenever you’re craving for a bite, give in without the guilt.

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