Impress your Honey with some Innovative Chocolaty Valentine’s Day Gifts

Feb 9 '15

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Impress your Honey with some Innovative Chocolaty Valentine’s Day Gifts

For Valentine’s Day, chocolate is the go-to gift for women. The heart-shaped boxes of chocolate-covered, nougat filled treats still reign as one of the most popular Valentine’s Day presents. Paired with red roses and champagne, you have one of the most cliché gifts in Valentine’s Day history. While there is nothing particularly wrong with this traditional present, this year is as good a year as any to mix things up! Here are a few other chocolaty options to give your best gal or guy on V-Day. When you break from tradition this year with a new chocolate treat, they’ll love you even more for being extra innovative! Try out some of these tasty concoctions:

1)    Chocolate Covered Mangoes– Keep it simple and but stray from the customary chocolate-covered strawberries, and replace them with a different fruit. Try anything from bananas to kiwis to tangerines. Chocolate-covered fruit is always a delicious and (partially) healthy choice.

2)    Chocolate Covered Yogurt Pops– This is a treat that you can make at home. Pick up a popsicle mold and fill it with yogurt instead. Just fill the molds with any flavor yogurt you’d like and throw it in the freezer. When frozen, take the yogurt pop out of the molds and drizzle them with melted chocolate. You can be as creative as you want with these. Add granola, chocolate Kisses, or berries to these little pops before they get frozen.

3)    Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake– This delicacy is great for any significant other who can’t get enough cheesecake. This is really a hit or miss gift, since some people hate it, and others adore it, so do some investigation beforehand. You can purchase this type of cheesecake from certain shops and bakeries. However, if you decide to take the road less traveled (and more messy) and make it from scratch, here is a wonderful recipe from Eat, little

4) Dark and Minty Cocktail– Create a delicious chocolate cocktail for your companion. This sweet drink from Jelly Toast will satisfy your sweet tooth and get you feeling tipsy all at the same time. Look here for the recipe:


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