List of Chocolate Covered Foods

Mar 30 '15

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List of Chocolate Covered Foods

This is just a Small sample of things that can be covered in Chocolate

Breakaway – a brand of biscuit with a chocolate coating produced by Nestlé

Chocolate Bar – many varieties have a chocolate coating

Caramel Apple – Although traditionally covered in just caramel or caramel and nuts, chocolate is often added, sometimes in decorative patterns.

Chocolate Coated Marshmallow treats – produced in different variations around the world, with several countries claiming to have invented it or hailing it as their “national confection”. The first chocolate-coated marshmallow treat was created in the early 1800s in Denmark.

Chocolate Coated Peanut – peanuts coated in a shell of milk chocolate. They have a reputation in many countries of being food eaten in movie theaters. In some countries, they are also known as Goobers, which is the earliest and one of the most popular brands of the product, made by Nestlé. Goobers were introduced in the United States in 1925 by the Blumenthal Chocolate Company. Nestlé acquired the brand in 1984. A large number of other brands also exists.

Chocolate Covered Almonds – many places on the internet claim that July 8 is (American) National Milk Chocolate with Almonds Day, while November 2 is National Bitter Chocolate with Almonds Day.

Chocolate Covered Fruit – such as strawberries, cherries and bananas

Chocolate Covered Cherry – variations include cherry cordial (candy) with liquid fillings often including cherry liqueur, as well as chocolate covered candied cherries and chocolate covered dried cherries.

Chocolate Covered Prune – chocolate-covered prunes or plums are a typical Polish delicacy.

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips – an American snack food or confectionery, consisting of potato chips that have been dipped into melted chocolate or cocoa, and coated with the chocolate. They were introduced into the market in Chicago in 1985 by a company called Executive Sweets.

Chocolate Covered Raisin – raisins coated in a shell of milk, dark or white chocolate. Commonly available in movie theaters in many countries, they were traditionally sold by weight from jars in candy stores.

Chocolate Covered Bacon – a North American novelty that consists of cooked bacon with a coating of either milk chocolate or dark chocolate. It can be topped with sea salt, crumbled pistachio, or almond bits.

Chocolate Covered  Coffee  Bean – confections made by coating roasted coffee beans in some kind of chocolate: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate. They are usually only slightly sweet, especially the dark chocolate kind, and the intense, bitter flavor of the coffee beans can be overwhelming for non-coffee-drinkers.

Cordials – confection in which a fruit filling is placed within a chocolate shell. A well-known confectionery of this type is the cherry cordial.

Doughnut – several varieties are covered in chocolate

Insects – such as ants, grasshoppers and crickets.

Lebkuchen – a traditional German baked Christmas treat, somewhat resembling gingerbread. Some varieties are chocolate-covered.

Macadamia Nuts – the nuts can be covered individually or in clumps or bars.

Milk Duds – a caramel candy, historically enrobed with milk chocolate, and presently enrobed with a confectionery coating made from cocoa and vegetable oil.

Pretzel – some varieties are produced with a chocolate coating

Ptasie Mleczko – (Polish) a soft chocolate-covered candy filled with soft meringue (or milk soufflé).[14]

Tunnock’s Teacake – manufactured by Thomas Tunnock’s, they consist of a small round shortbread biscuit covered with Italian meringue, and then encased in a thin layer of milk or dark chocolate and wrapped.

Wafer – some varieties are covered or coated with chocolate

Zefir – a type of soft confectionery made by whipping fruit and berry purée (mostly apple puree) with sugar and egg whites with subsequent addition of a gelling agent like pectin, agar, or gelatin. Chocolate-coated versions are common.


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