Corn Dog Station

We offer their finest Mini Corn Dog Station, to give you next event a sizzling food menu. Whether you’re having a birthday party, wedding, office event or any other special event, a mini corn dog delight will tickle their taste buds to perfection.

A mini corndog is a sausage that has thick cornmeal batter coating and is deep fried till a light brown surface appears. The crunchiness on the outside and warm sausage on the inside makes our mini corn dog a savory treat for all!

Everyone smiles when our friendly event staff serves scrumptious and tasty mini corn dogs with multiple toppings like mustard sauce, tomato sauce, nachos, cheese and much more.

Snacks are the most crucial aspect of any event, and gourmet corndogs are an excellent way to add quirkiness and creativity to any occasion. Our executive chefs will cookout these delicacies in front of your guests, and will customize the corndogs with their favorite toppings.

This full-service is executed from our mini corn dog station, and our event staff will ensure that every guest is presented with their favorite corndog.

Give us a call today and we will be happy to serve our delicious mini corn dogs at your upcoming event.


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