Grilled Cheese Station


Nothing beats the classic taste of fresh grilled cheese. Its perfect for any event and is fast becoming one of the most popular new wedding station trends. Guests of all ages just can’t say no to grilled cheese.

But for your event we take it a step further. Our grilled cheese stations present a unique twist on the tried and true formula by providing a huge selection of customization options for your guests. Start off by picking your favorite bread, panini or artisan thin crust flatbreads topped with organic veggies, virgin olive oil and basil pesto. Choose your favorite cheese from our selection: cheddar, goat cheese, mozzarella, etc. Top it all off with a handful of baby arugula and you have a gourmet twist on the classic that everyone loves! We can even create a custom grilled cheese menu for your next themed event.

Never before have your guests seen grilled cheese presented like this. By bringing a gourmet twist to a classic that everyone loves, we will make sure that your guests get a treat that they can’t resist!



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