Why I Love … Chocolate

Sep 6 '12

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Why I Love … Chocolate

Growing up I was more a vanilla or caramel fan. Chocolate didn’t really do much for me, especially when it came to ice cream flavors.Over the years I did learn to enjoy the odd square here and there. But in general I was more the type of person who gets excited about the cheese course, rather than planning my meal around something gooey and chocolatey.

Then I landed a job designing chocolate biscuits for Australia’s largest biscuit company.My friends were very jealous. The words “dream job” were bandied about quite a bit. I wasn’t that excited.I knew it was going to be kind of fun. But I didn’t realize just how much it was going to change my relationship with chocolate.You know the old saying that if you’re not excited about something, just dig deeper and learn more about it and soon you’ll be loving it?

Well that was what happened with me and chocolate.

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Author Jules Clancy


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